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Waste Information for Accommodation Providers

Be A Good Sort!

2021 12 14 three indoor internal coloured bins

Provide clear signage and educational material to help your guests sort their waste appropriately – there is a range of educational material available for download from Council’s website, or stickers available from any of our Customer Service and Visitor Information Centres.

Help your guests to make the most of the Organics bin by making the Council issued kitchen caddy available on your kitchen bench. Green compostable caddy liners are available at no cost from any of Council’s Customer Service and Visitor Information Centres.

Providing indoor bins in colours that match your kerbside bins makes it easy for your guests to sort waste appropriately at the point of disposal. We have a small selection of corflute coloured indoor bins available for purchase - check out our webpage Be A Good Sort! Provide Coloured Internal Bins.

Order additional bins

For an annual fee, you can upsize your Landfill bin or order an additional Recycling or Organics bin - lodge a request online.

Waste Facilities

It’s free to take excess Recycling to your our waste facilities; charges apply to dispose of excess Landfill. For opening hours and fees, check with your preferred waste facility:

Cowes Recycling Bank, Cnr Settlement Road and Dunsmore Road

Grantville Transfer Station, 1685 Bass Highway

Inverloch Transfer Station, Old Ford Road

Wonthaggi Transfer Station, 180 Cameron Street

Private Contractors

If Council's standard kerbside collection service cannot meet your waste management requirements, contact one of the many private waste contractors who service our region.

Bin Collection Day

Kerbside Bin Collection Calendars can be downloaded from our website or you can pick up a copy from any of Council’s Customer Service and Visitor Information Centres. If your guests are responsible for placing the bins out to be emptied, make it clear what you expect them to do:

• Include your waste management expectations in your house rules or rental terms.

• Download a collection calendar from Council’s website and place it on the fridge.

• Make sure your bins, inside and out, are clearly labelled.

Under Council’s Local Law, bins must not be placed on the kerbside more than 24 hours before scheduled collection day, and emptied bins must be returned to the property within 24 hours after collection.

For some residents or property owners, asking neighbours for assistance or engaging the services of a property maintenance contractor may be required to meet these obligations. Penalties may apply for bins left out for an extended period.