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Nappies - choose cloth!

Why choose cloth nappies?

Using cloth nappies reduces waste and lowers a number of environmental impacts - but choosing cloth nappies also limits the number of chemicals against babies' skin, can help prevent nappy rash and saves money! Modern cloth nappies have made reusable nappies a viable option for thousands of families – they’re easy to use and easy to care for and can be used full time, or part time in conjunction with disposables.

Introduction to Modern Cloth Nappies

Bass Coast Landcare have some fantastic resources for reducing waste and resource use, including this video that will talk you through all things modern cloth nappies, including introduction to modern cloth nappies, types of nappies, wash routine, how to get started, fitting tips and recommended accessories.

Looking for more information? Visit these great websites for hints and tips:

My disposable nappies say that they are compostable/biodegradable! Why can't I put them in the Organics bin?

Council's Organic waste processor does not accept ANY nappies - your Organics bin is for Food Organics and Garden Organics ONLY.

Check out this great article on 'compostable' nappies from the Australian Organisc Recycling Association for further information.