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Green Waste

Green Waste Disposal

Green waste, which includes tree limbs up to 150mm in diameter, tree prunings, clippings and grass cuttings, is accepted at all Council waste facilities for a minimal fee. Tree limbs more than 150mm in diameter and tree stumps can only be accepted at the Grantville Transfer Station.

Weed species such as agapanthus, blackberry, mirror bush and english ivy cannot be accepted as green waste at our transfer stations and additional disposal fees will apply. Hard-to-mulch items such as palm fronds will also need to be separated and additional fees will be charged. Weeds and hard to mulch items can be disposed of in your kerbside Organics (green-lid) bin.

Fee-Free Green Waste Disposal Period

Saturday, 29 October 2022 until Sunday, 20 November 2022 (inclusive)

We provide this service each year to encourage residents to prepare for the fire season. You can dispose of green waste (as described above) at our waste facilities for no charge during this period.

Please note, to ensure safe and manageable disposal of green waste for staff and the public, Cowes Recycling Bank will only accept loads up to a maximum size of 2m² or a standard 6x4 caged trailer. Loads larger than this are unable to be accepted and will be redirected to Grantville or Wonthaggi during this period. Entry to the Cowes Recycling Bank will be via The Concourse end of Dunsmore Road rather than the Settlement Road end, to assist with management of traffic.

High demand for this service can result in queues and delays, particularly on the first weekend. Disposing of your green waste in the middle of the fee-free period may help you avoid delays.