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Be A Good Sort! Provide Coloured Internal Bins

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Bass Coast’s three bin system can sometimes be confusing, particularly for visitors who may use a different kerbside system at their usual place of residence. We encourage the community, especially accommodation providers, to make it easier for everyone to sort waste appropriately by providing different internal bins in colours that match your kerbside bin colours.

Using internal bins in colours that match your kerbside bins makes it easy to sort waste appropriately at the point of disposal. There are many different styles of coloured internal bins available from a variety of manufacturers, so choose the style that’s right for your home. Try typing "indoor coloured bins" into your web browser for some inspiration!

Displaying information near bins explaining on can go in each bin also helps improve waste sorting behaviours. Educational material such as posters and stickers are available for download or can be collected from our Customer Services and Visitor Information Centres.

Coloured Internal Bins Available For Purchase From Council

Internal Coloured Bins available for sale

We actively encourage our community to consider installing internal bins in colours that match your kerbside bins; please enquire at your preferred local retailer. A selection of corflute-style, flatpacked indoor coloured bins are now available for purchase (prices include GST):

Home Recycling 12L Bin (yellow)$12.98
25L Coloured Bin (yellow, red, green)$19.47
60L Coloured Bin - no lid (yellow, red, green)$39.60
60L Coloured Bin - with lid (yellow, red, green)$49.50

Contact our Waste Services team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211 for more information or to make a purchase.