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Street Lighting

Council has a role to oversee street lighting on municipal roads, including in relation to planning of new developments. In most cases the servicing and maintenance of street lighting is undertaken by AusNet. If there is a street light fault next to your home or business, you may report it in the first instance to AusNet. If the light is within the AusNet network, in most cases it will be repaired within two working days. Alternatively please contact Council’s Asset Management Team or log an enquiry at Contact | Bass Coast Shire and we can assist with your street lighting enquiry.

Additional Street Lighting

If you have a concern about lack of street lighting you may contact Council’s Asset Management Team or log an enquiry at Contact | Bass Coast Shire. When requests for additional lighting occur, typically the next step is to program a safety assessment of the location to determine if street lighting is required under the guidelines.

If additional street lighting is deemed necessary, works will be prioritised based on risk and budget availability.

Bright Street Lights

We understand street lighting can be a problem depending on your location in relation to the light. Street lights are installed for road and community safety and we aim to ensure that design standards, environmental factors, wildlife protection and residential amenity are considered.

If you have concerns about bright street lights you may contact the Asset Management Department. Please note that due to maintenance and servicing requirements in most cases making modifications to street lights won’t be possible.

Sustainable Lighting

We are committed to providing sustainable street lighting. We are developing a framework to guide new installations, replacement and repair programs. We aim to improve road safety, with minimal impact on residents, wildlife and the environment. Ultimately, council is working towards ensuring that any new installation of lighting, including design and specification of lamps, will meet legislative requirements, consider environmental impacts and use energy efficient technology wherever possible.

Street lighting on municipal roads in Bass Coast is overseen by Council. The servicing and maintenance is predominantly undertaken by AusNet Services.

We will consider a number of objectives in our future street lighting:

  • Better colour rendering and visibility
  • Less depreciation of light output over time
  • Lower glare
  • Longer life cycle of lights
  • Lower Energy use
  • Lower Maintenance costs
  • Decreased Light pollution
  • Reduced Impact on wildlife