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B Coast San Remo 1411

San Remo Parking Review

Why are parking changes necessary?

There are more cars using local roads and parking spaces than ever before in the San Remo township. We reviewed traffic movement and parking regulations to ensure best circulation of parking in the high business and retail areas, safety for our community in high traffic areas and to ensure appropriate traffic movements and flows.

The review of the existing parking in the San Remo township identified opportunities to better formalise parking along Marine Parade, Woolamai Grove and Back Beach Road.

Where can I park?

With rapidly growing demand in our activity centres, it is important that parking is shared among a variety of people, including residents, visitors, businesses and workers in Bass Coast. In the case of San Remo, in addition to the majority of traders with on-site parking, there is opportunity for traders without private parking to use all day parking in Back Beach Road (on-street and off street) and multiple locations along Marine Parade; between Wynne and Edgar Road, west of Woolamai Grove, opposite the Fishermans Co-Op and the parking loop adjacent the foreshore.

What’s happening with enforcement?

In order to manage the transition period following the recent changes to parking restrictions in San Remo, regular parking patrols will need to be implemented to the area. Following installation of the new signage restrictions, parking officers were in San Remo providing information and education to those who park in those areas most impacted. It is intended to increase parking officer presence in San Remo over the coming summer period as residents and visitors continue to adjust to these changes. We expect to see longer term parking behavioural changes, leading to improved parking and traffic movements in San Remo.

What information was given to traders?

Traders in San Remo were visited by Officers in October 2021 advising of the changes to parking. Our Community Safety Team was also on site once the new signage was installed in late October2021 to provide advice on the changes to business owners, community members and visitors.

Will you be issuing all day parking permits for traders?

Parking permits will not be issued to traders for public car spaces. Traders will need to ensure they either park on their own private property where available, in unrestricted parking areas, or ensure they move their vehicles within the required timeframes.

While we understand this may be inconvenient, ensuring car spaces are available for customers allows for greater turnover of trade.