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Roads Standard Drawing, Design & Drafting Guidelines

To document and standardise design and development requirements for municipal infrastructure, we adopted the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM). In time, the IDM will become part of the Bass Coast Planning Scheme.

The IDM aims to speed up engineering approvals and ensures that Minimum Design Criteria are met, regardless of whether the infrastructure is built by Council or a developer. The manual also provides technical information for any proposed subdivision development or traffic management project.

If you or your contractor are doing any works within a road, road reserve or nature strip, you will need permission from us before you do so. Please visit our Road Occupation Permit page to find out what a road reserve is, and how to get permission. Our Asset Management Plans may also help you.

It is the responsibility of interested parties to regularly check the Infrastructure Design Manual and download any revised standard drawings to keep their master copies of these documents current. We will not be responsible for any loss or penalty incurred by any party who has failed to maintain up to date copies of these documents.

If you have queries about any of the standards or drawings, please contact our Civil Design Team .