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What are Special Charge Schemes and why do we use them?

State Government Legislation has recognised that councils need help to provide improved infrastructure for their local communities. Legislation allows councils to pass on the cost of constructing sealed roads, kerb and channel, footpaths, underground drainage and other capital infrastructure to the owner of a property that generally receives a unique benefit from the construction works.

The technical explanation of a Special Charge comes from legislation (under the Local Government Act 1989) that allows Councils to recover the cost of works from property owners who will gain special benefit from that work.

Our Urban Roads and Drainage Improvement Policy may help to answer any questions you have about the scope or extent of the projects.

For further information on Special Charge Schemes, contact our Asset Management Team.

What if you can't afford the charge?

Information about Financial Assistance is available for those who may experience undue Financial Hardship as a result of being included in a Special Charge Scheme. For further information on Financial Assistance, contact our Project Officer - Finance on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211.