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Property & Leasing

Leasing and Licensing Policy 2019

The Leasing and Licensing Policy 2019 (PDF 390kb) provides the guiding principles for the leasing, licensing and delegated committees for the occupation of Council owned and managed buildings and land (including crown land).

Crown Land Information

The Crown Land Information Sheet (PDF 165kb) outlines important information for tenants (or prospective tenants) intending to take up a lease with Council on Crown Land.

Property Strategy

The Property Strategy gives strategic guidance and processes for how we retain, acquire, dispose of and develop Council owned property.

Road Discontinuance and Sale of Non-Government Land from the Roads

The Road Discontinuance Policy provides a decision making framework to ensure consistency, transparency and fairness in the approach to road discontinuance and the sale of land from roads. The Road Discontinuance and Sale Guidelines details the process for removal of road status (discontinuance) and sale of the land from the road.

Lease Register