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Wonthaggi - Renewal of Inground Up-lights - McBride Avenue - COMPLETED

Bass Coast Shire Council has engaged contractors RJC Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd to renew existing inground up-lights at the Coal Mine Poppet Head and Soldiers Reserve on McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi. This project is part of the ongoing development of the Wonthaggi Activity Centre Plan (WACP) as part of Council’s adopted 2020-2021 Capital Works program in the order of $28,000. Please find below the proposed site locations.

Located in Apex Park, over the road from Taberners Hotel (Aka “The Whalebone), is the Poppet Head which contains the whistle which once echoed across the town and signalled a change of shifts for all the local coal miners. The Poppet Head was relocated in the 1950s. The mine whistle still blows at midday. The Poppet Head is the remaining one from a time when there were 24 Poppet Heads spread across the Wonthaggi coal mining area. The works will involve (6) new inground up-lights to highlight the structure and top of poppet head.

Soldiers Reserve monument located on the corner of Baillieu Street East and McBride Avenue commemorates those who have served in various conflicts in which Australia has been involved. It was originally erected for people who served in World Wars One and Two. Additional plaques were added to commemorates other conflicts including a National service plaque which was unveiled in October 2011. Twelve (12) existing inground up-lights located within the bluestone pitches will be replaced.

The Poppet Head and Soldiers Reserve monument are bookends to the McBride Avenue streetscape in Wonthaggi. These lights will enhance the existing poppet head and monument and will draw upon the historical significance of each site, at night. It is anticipated these works to start on Monday 17 May be completed within 2 weeks, subject to contractor availability and weather permitting.

We appreciate that these construction works may present an inconvenience to you all. We ask for your patience during these works. Our contractor will make every effort to minimise the disruptions to park and reserve, while implementing appropriate traffic and pedestrian control measures.

Our community, local residents, businesses and other stakeholders will be kept up-to-date with the project via website updates. For information or assistance during this project, please contact:

  • RJC Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd – Ryan Carafa on 0488 783 000
  • Bass Coast Shire Council’s Major Projects team – Andrew Baird on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211 (business hours Monday to Friday)
  • Email:
  • Visit our website to get the latest updates on this project.
Inground up lights wonthaggi
Lighting of Poppet Heads.
Inground up lights wonthaggi monument
The inground up-lights are located along the bluestone pitchers leading to the monument.