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Wonthaggi Rail Trail Illumination COMPLETED


Council appointed Leadsun Australia Pty Ltd to design and construct the Wonthaggi Rail Trail Illumination project between McKenzie Street and South Dudley Road. Council officers were working closely with Leadsun Australia during the design process and SP Ausnet to determine locations for the new solar lighting for the Rail Trail. This exciting project is fully funded by the State Government thru Pick My Projects community grant initiative in the order of $198,000.

The installation of smart new energy efficient lighting along the Rail Trail, including car parking and community space adjacent to APEX park, through the centre of Wonthaggi and out to South Dudley edge of town will increase its utility to multiple trail users who move on foot, wheelchair, bicycle, motorised scooter or personal mobility devise. The solar lighting units being proposed will illuminate from dusk for 5 hours then dimmed for an additional 3 hours. The new lighting will complement the local Old Energy-New Energy initiative and provide 24/7 security on this popular exercise route.

The trail lighting project will improve visibility at night, increase overall trail access and convenience, give trail users a sense of security and increase the opportunity for physical exercise. Upgrading the usefulness of the trail will facilitate the connection in our community as a whole, making an important contribution to the Wonthaggi Placemaking Strategy aimed at bringing people together. Illuminating the trail will reduce the possibility of user collisions, and allow trail users to recognize potential threats to their security; bright lights are generally recognized as deterrents of criminal activity in other environments.

Works involved:

  • Supply and installation of 48 solar LED lights with ‘lowerable’ 5.5 metre poles along the Rail Trail and the carpark/community area directly behind APEX park, including the use of ‘EZYFoot’ footing system as shown on the pictures below. This footing system is “concreteless” and is quicker to install with the flexibility of re-use, relocation or remove. Lowerable poles allows easy access to maintain panels and lights at ground level, requiring no elevated platforms. All lighting has been designed in accordance with Australia Standards. The lighting will provide sufficient energy to power for full brightness from dusk for 5 hours (maximum) then revert to DIM mode (about 30%) for an additional 3 hours. After this period the lights will shut down and the system will be set into charge mode. If movement is detected whilst in DIM mode, the built in internal sensors will trigger the light to full brightness for 30 seconds and then rest if no movement is detected.