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Wonthaggi - Drainage Renewal Works - South Dudley Estate - COMPLETED


Bass Coast Shire Council has appointed Wiltrack Earthmoving Pty Ltd as part of our annual supply contracts to extend the current staged outfall drainage renewal works along the open drain which runs along the north side of Alexander Road, South Dudley. See diagrams below.

Stage Two (2) construction works will start the week ending 11 June 2021 and completion is anticipated within 10 weeks, subject to favourable weather and any potential Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the State Government. These works are fully funded by Council in the order of $420,000 and are part of Council’s 2021/22 Capital Works Asset Renewal Program.

Council and our Contractor have experienced some delays during Stage 1 works because of a shortage in supply of large box culverts, inclement weather and COVID restrictions. We understand the inconvenience to you all and thank you for your continued patience and we look forward to completion of this project for South Dudley community.

Benefits to the community

  • This project is an important part of the Stormwater Drainage Renewal Program under the Drainage Services Asset Management Plan 2020 – 2024 and will ensure delivery of the adopted Community Service levels.
  • These construction works will provide improved water flows within the new channel. It will also provide drainage and erosion protection for the area.

What to expect

  • Stage One (1) works continues with most of the new culverts installed. Our contractor will continue to finish these works whilst preparing for Stage 2.
  • Clearing of vegetation within the existing open drain to boundary line.
  • A further 320 metres of large inverted box culverts to be installed to form an open concrete channel, including reinstatement for erosion and drainage protection purposes
  • Widening of existing open drain at the eastern end of Alexander Road adjacent to the existing drainage crossing at South Dudley Road, including placement of large rock spalls within the drain
  • Installation of a farm fence on the property line.
  • Placement of recycled bollards including a new fence between the road and open drain for Stage 1 and 2. This is to prevent pedestrian and vehicle access to this drain.
  • For safety reasons, these drainage works will be a construction zone. Appropriate traffic/pedestrian measures will be in place throughout the duration of the works. Local and emergency access to properties will be maintained at all times.
  • Whilst we are about to begin works for Stage 2, we appreciate that these works may present an inconvenience to nearby properties and we ask for your patience during these times. Our contractor will make every effort to minimise disruptions during construction.
  • The use of heavy plant and machinery including noisy and vibration works such as earthworks, saw cutting and use of trucks delivering large culverts including removal or delivery of other materials to site.

Staying Informed

The community, local residents, businesses and other stakeholders will be kept up to date with the project via Council’s website and letter box drops or mail outs where appropriate. For information or assistance, please contact:

  • Wiltrack Earthmoving Pty Ltd – Site Supervisor - Michael Wilson – 0409 560 886
  • Bass Coast Shire Council’s Infrastructure Delivery Team – Marty O’Flynn – Capital Project Officer, otherwise Infrastructure Asset Management Team – Phillip Pritchard on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211
  • Email
  • Visit our website for updates on this project.