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Rhyll Newhaven Road, Rhyll and Ventnor Beach Road, Wimbledon Heights

Council appointed Sure Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd to carry out the following road pavement renewal works:

  • Rhyll Newhaven Road, Rhyll - two sections of road pavement renewal, approximately 250 metres each in length
  • Ventnor Beach Road, Wimbledon Heights - approximately 1 kilometre of road pavement renewal between Pyramid Rock Road and Berrys Beach Road

The works involved:

  • minor verge and drainage clearing
  • minor road widening to a minimum 6 metre wide road pavement area
  • road pavement renewal by adding rock overlay, cement and lime stabilisation to the existing road pavement
  • road sealing works

This project was fully funded by Council in the order of $435,000.

Rhyll Newhaven Road, Rhyll
Ventnor Beach Road