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Cowes - Cowes Rhyll Road 2018/19 Blackspot Program COMPLETED


Road crashes are a major cost to Australians every year. Black Spot projects target those road locations where crashes are occurring. The emphasis of this program is to reduce the number of crashes and the level of severity. As part of the Black Spot Program, road safety improvement works were undertaken along Cowes Rhyll Road from Thompson Avenue to Coghlan Road in Cowes.

The total cost of these works were in the order of $780,000 and is funded by the Federal Government. The works involved:

  • Some vegetation clearing and trimming to improve sightlines for intersecting streets, road widening, drainage works and guardrail installation. This work is necessary to meet the desired road improvements for the Blackspot project. Council has ensured the design for these road improvements has avoided and minimised the loss of vegetation, where appropriate. Appropriate site and tree protection measures will be in place. Council understands it is difficult to balance the natural and built environments to meet road safety improvements whereby predominately native vegetation is located within the road reserve. No planning permit was required under the exemption process for Blackspot projects, however all necessary approvals from DELWP have been acquired within this exemption, which included that all vegetation loss to be offset and secured as part of the native vegetation requirements.
  • Minor earthworks and drainage works as required. This is to re-align the open swale drain because of the road widening works and guardrail installation.
  • Widening of road (approximately 1.2 metres wide, both sides) including asphalting works from Thompson Avenue to Jeury Court.
  • Installation of guardrails between Thompson Avenue and Redwood Drive. Guardrails are a device which is designed to promote public safety by preventing vehicles from crossing a road into a dangerous area.
  • Improved street lighting at the intersection of Redwood Drive and Cowes Rhyll Road.
  • Appropriate signage and linemarking along the entire length of this road