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Grandview Grove Back Lane, Inverloch

Council appointed Wiltrack Earthmoving Pty Ltd to carry out drainage improvement works along Grandview Grove back lane, Inverloch. This project is an important part of the Stormwater Drainage Renewal Program under the Drainage Services Asset Management Plan.

The aim of this project is to provide a new stormwater pipe allowing property owners to connect to the new stormwater pipe from their properties.

The drainage works involved:

  • trenching to install 110 meters of 150mm diameter drainage pipe from The Esplanade to the rear of 10 Grandview Grove
  • installation of new drainage pits and house drain connection points, where appropriate to allow property owners to direct their stormwater drainage.
  • installation of a new drainage crossing, 375mm diameter pipe under The Esplanade to connect to the existing stormwater drainage network.

This project was funded by Council in the order of $35,000 and has been completed.

More information regarding Drainage and Stormwater can be found here.