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Cowes Skate Park, Cowes Recreation Reserve

Council has appointed VFG Skate Parks Pty Ltd to renew the existing Cowes Skate Park at the Cowes Recreation Reserve, 1-15 Chapel Street, Cowes.

Redevelopment works will begin from 2 April 2019 and are anticipated to be complete by the 16 August 2019, subject to contractor availability, weather conditions and hazardous substance/soil contamination assessment results. This project is fully funded through Council’s Capital Works Renewal Program for 2018/19 in the order of $500,000, demonstrating Council’s commitment of recreational activities across Bass Coast.

The Cowes Skate Park redevelopment was prioritised in Council’s Skate Strategy 2018-2028 as a key project and identified as a ‘Major Renewal to a Local Facility’ project. The Strategy outlined the works to be completed in the short term (2018-2020) due to the condition of the existing Park.

Significant consultation was undertaken for this project, with several design workshops held over recent months with the local skating community. The final design will use the existing footprint of the Park and provide a great mix of transition and street style components to accommodate skaters of all skill levels. Skate design specialists Playce assisted Council in delivering a design which will provided a fun, yet challenging, experience for all.

Redevelopment works will involve:

  • Hazardous substance/ soil contaminated assessment and preliminary site investigation
  • Demolition of existing skate park facilities and surrounding dirt mounds
  • Construction of new skate park facilities (drawings we be available on our website, shortly)
  • Associated landscaping and drainage works

Preliminary works will include a soil contamination assessment to ascertain the presence (if any) of hazardous substances/soil contamination present on the site. Should any contaminated soil/hazardous substances be found there are rules, regulations and guidelines that Council and its Contractors must adhere to which include the commissioning of environmental reports and testing, actions plans and notification to Worksafe etc. These regulations have been developed to ensure the safety of the community.

Appropriate traffic/pedestrian measures will be in place whilst these works are being carried out. Temporary fencing will be in place throughout the duration of these works. We appreciate that these works may present an inconvenience to all users within the Recreation Reserve and appreciate it will significantly impact school holiday patronage of the existing skate park facility. We ask for your patience during these times. Our contractor will make every effort to minimise these disruptions. The community, local residents, businesses and other stakeholders will be kept up to date with the project via Council’s website.

For information or assistance please contact:

  • Bass Coast Shire Council’s Infrastructure Delivery Team, Glenn Wearne - Senior Project Officer on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211
  • Email