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Corinella - Footpath - The Esplanade - COMPLETED

Council has engaged SR Excavations Pty Ltd as part of our annual supply contract to carry out carpark and footpath extension works near the boat ramp facility on The Esplanade Corinella (see map attached here). The total project cost is in the order of $56,000 which is fully funded by Council as part of Council’s adopted Capital works program 2020/21. This project is about to start Monday 19 April 2021 and is expected to be completed within 3 weeks, weather permitting.

Council recognises that it can be a challenge to deliver the necessary works and not affect the residents and road users, especially when much of our work is determined by weather conditions, contractor and suppliers availability and any potential Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the State Government.

Benefits for the community

The aim of this project will provide better connections to the current footpath network toward the boat ramp and jetty. These works will also provide formalised parking bays along the northern side of The Esplanade.

What to expect

  • Construction of five (5) car parking bays including kerb and channel and underground stormwater on The Esplanade near Peters Street.
  • Extension of a 1.5 metre wide 55 metre long fibre reinforced concrete footpath to linking Peters Street toward the boat ramp facility.
  • Appropriate traffic and pedestrian control measures will be implemented onsite during these works. This will be a construction zone and for your own safety and others, there will be some access restrictions, as required. Local and emergency access will be provided. Our contractor will make every effort to minimise disruptions to motorists, residents and businesses. We appreciate that these works may present an inconvenience and we ask for your patience during these times.
  • The use of heavy plant and machinery including noisy and vibration works for construction including earthworks, saw cutting for concrete works and the use of trucks for removal or delivery of materials.

Staying informed

The community, local residents, businesses and other stakeholders will be kept up to date with the project via Council’s website.

For information or assistance, please contact:

  • SR Excavation Pty Ltd – Project Manager – Brad Hewton – 0429 598 819

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.