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Cat Containment

From 1 July, 2023 cats need to be contained to their owners’ property at all times

Community Information Sessions

Community Information sessions regarding the implementation of cat containment from 1 July 2023.

The sessions will be run by Community Safety Officers, who will be there to answer questions and provide education, advice and support in relation to cat containment.

Look out for the Bass Coast Information Van at the following times:

Bass Coast Sustainability Festival
Sunday 21 May 2023
10.00am - 3.00pm
The River Garden, Bass

What is cat containment?

Containing your cat means completely preventing them roaming from your property at any time, day or night. This can be achieved by keeping your cat indoors, or a combination of indoors and having a secure outdoor enclosure, or cat-proof fencing around an outdoor area. In other words, keeping your cat safe at home and not letting them roam.

Why should I keep my cat contained?

By keeping your cat safe at home you will be:

  • reducing the risk of them getting sick, being hurt or dying in an accident
  • enjoying more quality time together
  • reducing the risk they will stray and be lost or impounded by the council
  • minimising the risk they will harm or kill other animals
  • preventing them from interacting with un-desexed roaming cats
  • avoiding problems with your neighbours
  • giving them a better chance to enjoy a longer, healthier life

We have introduced this requirement to help:

How to keep my cat contained to my property

Roaming cats can annoy neighbours too, by spraying, fighting, yowling and digging in gardens.

There are many ways to keep your cat contained on your property, these can include cat proof boundary fencing, cat enclosures and keeping your cat indoors. Most cats should adapt well to living indoors and, in an enclosure, particularly if they have been kept in this way from an early age.

We are currently undertaking an education campaign and giving cat owners an opportunity to prepare. During this period, we will be sharing helpful information and tips through our website and social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

The new laws will take effect on 1 July 2023. After this date, if a cat strays off its property, the cat owner may be issued an infringement.

For further information about cat containment please visit Animal Welfare Victoria’s website.

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