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COVID-19 Support

Travel Exemption Permit

Last updated 30/10/2020 at 2.41pm

If you own property in Bass Coast, but live in metropolitan Melbourne, you may be provided access to your property to complete fire and emergency preparedness activities.

Eligibility applies to higher risk properties that are partially or wholly in a Bushfire Prone Area, Bushfire Management Overlay or Land Subject to Inundation Overlay.

You will also need your Assessment number from your Rates notice, which is also listed on the Emergency Works Application Map.

Please note: due to the high number of applications, allow up to five working days for processing.

If granted, the access will allow travel to your second property in Bass Coast to prepare it for the approaching fire season.

If you’re unable to travel to Bass Coast to perform property maintenance yourself, there are many local slashing and gardening businesses that provide grass cutting services, which you can find online.

More information on current restrictions can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can travel to undertake works on a property?

The owner of the property and their household members.

Do property owners need to undertake the preparedness works themselves?

No, it is at the discretion of the owner whether they do the works themselves or engage a contractor.

How long will it take for my permit application to be processed?

Given the high number of applications received, you'll need to allow up to five business days for your application to be assessed.

Can property owners attend the property if it is occupied?

A property owner may attend their property to undertake critical emergency preparedness activities if approved by council, even if it is occupied, where this also meets the requirements of the rental agreement. While undertaking the work, the property owner must keep 1.5 metres distance from any occupant of the property and wear a face mask. In these circumstances; property owners are encouraged to consider the use of contractors, local businesses or their tenants to undertake necessary preparedness work.

Can property owners attend the property if there is no house?

Owners are only able to travel if they can stay overnight at the property or complete all required work on the same day. No camping/caravans etc will be allowed on vacant land.

Can property owners attend shops in regional Victoria for supplies to undertake the preparation (eg tools)?

No. When traveling into regional Victoria, any person from metropolitan Melbourne must comply with the restrictions in place in metropolitan Melbourne.

Any person from regional Victoria travelling to an additional property in metropolitan Melbourne must comply with the restrictions in place in metropolitan Melbourne.

This means the owner will not be able to visit local businesses to purchase supplies. The owner should travel with the tools and equipment they need. The use of local contractors is strongly encouraged.

How long can the owner remain at their property?

Owners have a maximum of 72 hours from the time they leave their primary residence, to the time they return. Vacant Land owners and tenanted properties will not be granted more than 24 hours to complete works.

Can an owner attend their property multiple times to undertake preparedness works?

Yes, the owner can apply for additional permits if required.

Please note - no burning off of materials is allowed in residential areas. If you have a rural property, Council’s Rural Burning Off Guidelines apply.

Can I take items to a Waste Transfer Station?

Travel Exemption Permit holders are very welcome to attend Waste Facilities – but please:

  • Carry your Travel Exemption Permit with you at all times
  • Provide proof of residence on request
  • Wear a mask at all times – no mask, no entry
  • Bring your credit/debit card – cash is not currently accepted
  • Stay in your vehicle until directed by an attendant
  • Be patient; social distancing measures are in place and there may be long delays