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Shipping Container Permit

Please ensure all sections of the application are completed and any documents are attached with the application. Please email applications to or hand in your application at one of our customer service centres.

To see the relevant costs associate with this permit, please visit our Fees and Charges page.

Shipping Containers on Public Land

Shipping containers must not be kept, stored, repaired, used or left on any Council land, including roads, kerbs, footpaths or nature strips, unless by a person employed, contracted or authorised by Council.

Shipping Containers on Private Land over two hectares

Shipping containers may be kept, stored, repaired, used or left on private land over two (2) hectares without a permit, as long as the container does not adversely impact the visual amenity of the neighbourhood from outside the property boundary.

Permanent Shipping Containers on Private Land under two hectares

Where shipping containers are intended to be kept as a permanent structure, an application for a building permit is required. This can be obtained by contacting a private building surveyor.

Temporary Shipping Containers on Private Land under two hectares

Shipping containers may be temporarily kept, stored, repaired, used or left on private land less than two (2) hectares, with a permit.

If a permit is required, you must complete the Shipping Container Permit Application Form. There is no application fee. If the permit application is approved, an invoice for the permit fee will be sent and once payment is made, the permit will be issued.

Permits are issued for a maximum of six months in the first instance and may be extended for an additional six months, if no complaints have been received.

Permits will only be issued for the dates and location on the permit, and are to remain placed in general accordance with the site plan included with the application. Any concerns the authorised officer or the delegated officer may have about safety, must be satisfactorily resolved prior to the issuing of a permit.

The applicant is required to take out Public Liability insurance, with minimum cover of $10,000,000 and a copy must be included with the application.

All appropriate documentation must be included with the application, or the application will be invalid and will not be processed. If the shipping container is to store goods whilst building on the property, a building permit will be required. Please ensure a copy of current Public Liability insurance (with minimum cover of $10,000,000) is included and written consent from the property owner if required.

All Shipping Containers

Shipping containers must not represent an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of the public, which includes but is not limited to, being secured either open or shut when unattended, to prevent accidental imprisonment and/or suffocation.

Shipping containers are to be maintained at all times. Any graffiti must be removed within 48 hours.

Any damage to Council property caused by the placement or removal of the Shipping Container, including the pavement, nature strip and services, is to be reinstated by the permit holder. If reinstatement is not complete, works will be undertaken by Council at the permit holder's expense.

Whilst the shipping container must not be placed on a road and must be placed on land other than Council land, it must nevertheless not obstruct motorists' vision or line of sight at intersections. Pits, valve covers and hydrants must also remain accessible.

If the shipping container constitutes a traffic hazard or obstruction, the container must be mounted with yellow reflective tape or lights on each corner. The lights are to be illuminated between sunset and sunrise and be visible from a distance of 200 metres, to prevent causing a hazard to the public.