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Motorbikes & Motorised Recreational Vehicles Permit

Unless moving stock or directly accessing or leaving that land, our Local Law No. 1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2022 prohibits riding motorbikes and motorised recreational vehicles on any land. However, a permit can be granted via an authorised officer or a delegated officer through the consideration of the following guidelines:

- The location of the land where the vehicle is to be used

- The land-use of the applicant’s land and of adjoining allotments within 500 metres

- The suitability of the land for use by motor bikes or motorised recreational vehicles (as the case may be)

- The number of vehicles for which the permit is required

- The days, times and hours that such vehicles are to be used

- The likely effect on the amenity of the area including noise impacts

- Whether neighbouring properties should be asked to make comment

- The likely damage which may be caused to the Council Land or any Council Land

- The nature and extent of any public risk to be created by the activity

- Whether any public liability insurance exists or ought to be required

- Any other matter the authorised officer or the delegated officer reasonably believes is relevant to the application

Permit fees

Click here to view the permit fee.


Public liability insurance cover to the value of $10,000,000 will need to be provided. Please contact the Community Safety Team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) if you have any further questions regarding this permit.

Please ensure all sections of the application are completed and any documents are attached with the application. Please email applications to or hand in your application at one of our customer service centres.