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Climate change - What can you do?

Sometimes climate change can seem like an overwhelming problem leaving you not knowing where to start, or if you can make a difference. In fact, our actions and the choices we make as individuals have a huge impact on our environment.

If everyone around the world changed their behaviour, it could make a significant difference to the world. Here are some ways you can make a change - starting in your own home.

Minimise Your Waste

Avoid creating rubbish in the first place. Minimise the amount of packaging you bring into your home. Buy quality products that wont need to be replaced regularly to reduce you waste going to landfill.

Bass Coast Landcare Network

The main aim of the Landcare Groups that form the Bass Coast Landcare Network (BCLN) is to promote land use and management that ensures integrity and sustainability of land, water and biodiversity. The Networks core purpose is to provide support and resources to the groups within the Network to assist them in achieving their aims and objectives.

The BCLN was formed in 2003 as an affiliation of the Landcare Groups, enabling them to better position themselves for investment from government, local, state and federal and corporate programs. Sixty per cent of the 1,400 rural properties in the Network area are involved in and supported by the BCLN.

For more information, visit the Bass Coast Landcare Network's website.


Join us and over 1000 other organisations to TAKE2. By making a pledge with the Victorian Government, you are part of Victoria's action on climate change to help our state achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Further information is also available by contacting Council's Sustainable Environment team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211.

Solar Panels on Council Buildings

Installing solar panels on Council-owned or managed community buildings is quite complex and may not always be the best choice for your pocket or the environment. This checklist will help you and our Service Managers identify issues that need to be considered before installing solar panels.

Use this checklist to develop your proposal. Often community grants are available for the installation of solar panels on community buildings. Grant applications usually require a letter of support or approval from Council. This checklist is designed to assist you ‘tick all the boxes’ for that letter of support.