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Ayr Creek Lagoon


In March 2018, we began a project to respond to community concerns about the odours from this naturally occurring foreshore lagoon. This project is working with the community and agency stakeholders to investigate the causes of the odour and provide options for management.

Water Quality Monitoring

We're now monitoring the water quality and Blue Green Algae levels of the Ayr Creek Lagoon on a monthly basis.
Results are shown in the table below.

As the local water manager, we will undertake management responsibilities as identified in the South Gippsland BGA Regional Coordination Plan.

Ayr Creek Lagoon - Water Quality Test Results - Monitoring conducted for Blue Green Algae

DateAlgae LevelAlert LevelPublic Advice
February 2021Not DetectedNILNone Required
September 2020Not DetectedNILNone Required
July 2020Not detectedNILNone Required
June 2020Not detectedNILNone Required
May 2020Not detectedNILNone Required
April 2020Not detectedNILNone Required
March 2020Not detectedNILNone Required
February 2020LowNILNone Required
January 2020MinorNILNone Required
December 2019MinorNILMay have waterway environmental or potential public health impacts. There is no adverse publicity, injury, or environmental impacts. Therefore, no involvement of Emergency Services is required
November 2019LowNILNil
October 2019LowNILNone Required
September 2019Not detectedNILNone Required
August 2019LowNILNone Required
July 2019Not detectedNILNone Required
June 2019LowNILNone Required
May 2019LowNILNone Required
April 2019LowNILNone Required
March 2019LowNILNone Required
February 2019LowNILNone Required
January 2019Not detectedNILNone Required
November 2018LowNILNone Required
November 2018LowNILNone Required