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Arts and Culture

What are Council's plans for arts and culture in our area?

Bass Coast is home to a thriving arts community. The beauty of its natural environment, and the close proximity to Melbourne, attracts the creative spirit.

The Bass Coast Shire Council Arts and Culture Strategy 2019-2029 will enable Council to plan for how it might best support and nurture arts and cultural development within the Shire over the next 10 years.

Arts and culture are vital to the health, prosperity and the vitality of our communities.

Cultural and creative industries play a key role in defining the character and identity of the places we live, work and visit. They bring us together, help us enjoy our environment and flourish personally. They foster creativity and innovation, provide jobs and celebrate heritage.

Council’s role in the arts and culture sector is to support, facilitate, advocate, communicate, present and produce, assisting the community to achieve their aspirations.