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Wonthaggi Road Runners

Guide Park, Wonthaggi VIC 3995
0457 823 741


Mr Glenn, Sullivan
0457 823 741

Wonthaggi Road Runners is a FREE social running group aimed at runners of ALL abilities.We do not charge any fees and do not have any organising body - runners can just turn up when they please and post here to organise a run at any time in the local area. As such though runners do run at their own risk.On a Monday afternoon from 5:45 we have a 1 km - return (500 out & 500 back) run on concrete starting at the pasrkrun stump in Inverloch. There is a marked 170m interval for runners to work on their speed. Runners can do as many repetitions as they like. An alternate venue will be used in the darker winter months,We run a Headlampers run on most Thursday evenings at around 5:45pm - with headlamps in the darker months. This is a cruisy social group run.Twilight runs - around the coast road - during January are also pretty nice.On a Saturday morning most members of this group run at Inverloch parkrun.