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White Road Kindergarten (YMCA)

136 White Road, Wonthaggi VIC 3995
03 4329 0491

Our kindergarten offers safe and innovative learning spaces both indoors and outdoors, which promote exploration, independence and creativity within the programs.

The programs build on the individual and group interests of the children; provide the foundation for the children's development in literacy and numeracy skills; foster their thirst for learning and curiosity; enhance their social and emotional skills; and help to provide meaningful and purposeful experiences within their journey of learning.

We recognise that "the child is at the centre surrounded by family, kin and early childhood professionals who support children's learning and development." (VEYLDF, 2016, p.3). We believe it is important to develop each child's strong sense of identity in close collaboration with the family and the local community. Through these connections children feel a sense of belonging to the broader group; learn to respect themselves and others through understanding diversity; and build on skills that promote their independence, confidence, social, investigation and problem-solving abilities.

Our programs include:

  • indigenous and cultural teachings
  • special visitors
  • special themed days
  • a variety of incursions and excursions to enhance children's learning and development
  • orientation process for the beginning of each year

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