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Kelly & Gemelli – Art & Design

57 Phillip Island Road, San Remo VIC 3925
0428 390 108


The act of memory is lacking a replica of time, place, emotion, form, colour. The realisation of fragmentation and inconclusiveness brings forth creative possibilities that exist to develop works where perception/imagination/memory operate allowing the use of trompe l'oeil of photography and other techniques involving a range of mediums to arrive at fresh memories. This proposition is enhanced and inspired by combining the postulations of Parmenides paradox, Einstein’s folded space and T.S. Eliot’s poetry (Burnt Norton) to initiate an exhibition titled “Folded space and particle phixits, Part 1 – the landscape”.

Further information is available at and

The works can be viewed at Kelly & Gemelli – Art & Design from 9th December 2019