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COVID-19 Support
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Business Competition Overview

Entry Details

Entries Open:Entries Close:Voting:Winners Announced:
Monday 16th NovemberSunday 6th DecemberOpens 10th December (closes 17 November)Week of Monday 21st December

Each Business located in Bass Coast can enter the competition. Please upload the best photo of your Christmas display via the entry form. Your photo will be used for the public voting and your business address will be published.

People’s Choice Award for BEST DECORATED BUSINESS:

  • Bunurong Ward
  • Westernport Ward
  • Island Ward

Each winner will receive a hamper full of Bass Coast produce. The Island Ward Winner will receive an extra prize sponsored by Phillip Island Business Network

Please ensure before entering you have read and agreed to the competition terms and conditions.


How do I enter the Christmas Display Competition?

Entry into the competition is only available online via the entry form.  Entries open on Monday 16 November and close Sunday 6 December.

Is there any cost involved to enter the Christmas Display Competition?

There is no cost to enter the Christmas Display Competition. Entrants are responsible for all costs associated with their display.

Who is eligible to enter the Christmas Display Competition?

Entry is only open to businesses within Bass Coast Shire Council area.

Who will be judging my display?

The judging for business winner is conducted by the community through the website from Thursday 10 December to Thursday 17 December.

How will Bass Coast Shire Council assist and support Christmas Display Entrants?

BCSC will promote the safe viewing of the Christmas Display Competition predominately via the Bass Coast Social Media channels and website.

BCSC may also highlight entrants and winner’s on social media with images and video footage for those who are unable to see the lights in person. Follow @Bass Coast on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

How do I find out who the winners of the Christmas Display Competition are?

Winners of the Christmas Competitions will be announced publicly on the Competition website, as well as Council’s social media in the week starting Monday, 21 December.  A link will be available here when they are available.

How do I receive my prize?

Winners will receive their prize on in the week starting Monday, 21 December. The prizes will be handed out by a member of Bass Coast Shire Council. Winners will be informed of a detailed date and time.


Where will my contact details be shared/stored?

Your business address will be made public for viewing of your display. Entrants personal information will be used in accordance with Council’s Privacy Policy.

How many and what size photo’s do I need to submit my entry?

Please only upload one (1) photo of your decorative display. Don’t forget to upload the very best photo of your display as this will be shared publicly and used for People’s Choice Award voting.

The photo needs to be a minimum of 1000 pixels on the longest edge, the maximum file size is 10MB.

The photographs I have taken to submit with my entry don’t capture the impact of my display, what should I do?

To ensure your photos are of the highest quality (as they are used for the People’s Choice voting and preliminary judging) try using the tips below:

  1. Start photographing your lights around dusk – this is the best time of day to get the perfect shot of your lights display.
  2. Act fast – light changes so quickly between sunset and nightfall, each minute will bring slightly different lighting conditions.
  3. Forget the flash.
  4. Fill your frame – fill it with everything you are trying to capture.
  5. If using a phone. try using burst mode as this will take a number of shots each time and you can go back later and select the best one.
Do I need to display anything to identify I am a part of the Christmas Decoration Competition?

No, we will publish your address on the Competition website, so people know where to find your display.

How do I remove my Christmas Display Competition entry if I change my mind?

If you would like to remove your Christmas Display Competition entry, please contact us via

How does the ‘People’s Choice’ voting work?

All entrants for the business competition will automatically be entered into the ‘People’s Choice’ competition. During the voting period (10 December – 17 December) members of the public can submit their vote online for their favourite display.

When and where does the People’s Choice Award Voting take place?

The People’s Choice Voting takes place from Thursday 10 December until Thursday 17 December. A link to the voting will be available here during the voting period.

How is the winner of the People’s Choice Award selected?

The winner of the business competition will be determined according to which entry receives the most votes lodged online during the voting period which commences at Thursday 10 December, 2020 and closes Thursday 17 December, 2020.

How many votes can I submit to support my favourite display?

Voting is limited to one per person.


As an entrant in the Christmas Display Competition, am I responsible for enforcing any COVID-19 restrictions?

Entrants will be responsible for ensuring that their entry complies with any restrictions and directions issued by the Federal or State Government in relation to COVID-19 including monitoring and encouraging social distancing at their premises. The latest state government restriction and directions can be found on the DHHS website.


I’m concerned about the electrical safety of my display, where can I find further information and assistance?

Energy Safe Victoria have electrical safety tips to assist participants in reducing the risks associated with displaying Christmas lights. Please read their safety tips here:


What is a sustainable display and what are some simple ways I can make my display more sustainable?

Sustainability is about meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We recommend to focus on sustainable and environment-friendly decorations when setting up your display.

Ways in which you can add elements of sustainability to your display are: source solar/led lighting where possible. Look at ways of recycling old props, garden furniture, ornaments and repurposing household items.