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COVID-19 Support
Support information and resources during the current Pandemic
COVID-19 Support
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2020 has proven to be a challenging year for us all and we are proud of our community and the way it has joined together to do amazing things during this unprecedented period.

As restrictions ease, we will begin a new and important period. A period of recovery where we begin to settle into ‘COVID normal’ practices, see a long awaited return of our local businesses and welcome back visitors to our beautiful Bass Coast.

This is an important period for us all and we are excited to see how community will ‘reignite’ – how we will reconnect with one another, reinvigorate our local economy and re-energise the townships of our beautiful Bass Coast.

Over the coming months we will be running a number of initiatives to support and encourage our community to #ReigniteBassCoast. We invite you to become involved, continue supporting one another and to embrace the many opportunities that are in front of us.