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2022 10 19 Short stay accommodation image

Short Stay Rental Accommodation (SSRA)

The purpose of the Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law provisions are to:

  • Regulate the control and use of short stay rental accommodation
  • Ensure an appropriate standard of management of such accommodation
  • Minimise the risk of such accommodation affecting the peace of neighbours
  • Implement a registration and renewal requirement of such accommodation, including a ‘maximum stay’ duration for customers
  • Ensure that any waste is managed to protect the environment that visitors come to enjoy.

Council is currently working through the registration process and it will be available to SSRA property owners and managers in January 2023.

In the meantime, Community Safety Officers will be addressing any complaints made around the amenity, including parking issues, excess rubbish, bins left out for extended periods of time and illegal camping.

For further information regarding Short Stay Rental Accommodation (SSRA), please see Local Law No. 1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2022.

For any queries or concerns regarding Short Stay Rental Accommodation, please contact the Community Safety Team.