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Camping on Private and Public Land

Camping is allowed in a licensed caravan park or camping grounds within Bass Coast. If you wish to camp anywhere else you may require a permit.

The term 'Camping/to camp' is the occupation or use of a tent, makeshift structure, caravan, mobile home or any other moveable vehicle or relocatable building to provide accommodation.

The term 'Camping area' is any land within the Municipal District that has been declared by Council or other public authority to be a ‘Camping Area’ for the purposes of the Local Law.

Can I camp on my own land?

If you have an existing dwelling on the site and you are able to use the washing, toileting and laundry facilities then YES you can camp for a period of up to 28 days without a permit. If you intend to camp for more than 28 days in one year you will require a permit.

If you intend to camp on your vacant block then a permit is required and certain conditions apply. Subject to conditions, a permit may last for up to one year.

If you intend to camp while building, a building permit will be required and a private building surveyor should be contacted to discuss this option (please note, no more than 6 months will be approved for the camping permit).

We have put together some guidelines which we use to assess whether a permit will be granted. The types of things we take into consideration are:

  • location and use of land and that of adjoining properties
  • number of tents (or caravans etc) to be located on the land
  • position of tents etc on the land
  • length of time camping is required
  • facilities available (or to be provided) ie toilets, bathing, disposal of rubbish

Once I have a permit, are there any special conditions I need to know about?

General conditions apply to all permits however there may be some additional conditions that are specific to your permit - these will be discussed with you once your application has been received.

General conditions that apply to all applications include:

  • payment of entire fee must be made prior to commencement date of the permit
  • campsites are to be maintained in a clean and tidy condition at all times
  • all rubbish is to be removed when vacating campsite
  • approved toilet and washing facilities are to be provided
  • camping is not within 10 meters of any river, stream, spring, creek, dam, bore or water course
  • There are no approved Waste Dump Points in Bass Coast Shire. Please advise of method of disposal on your application
  • no campfires are permitted at any time
  • damage to any Council property (ie footpaths, nature strips etc) is to be reinstated by permit holder at the permit holders expense

How do I apply?

Please complete the Camping Permit Application form and ensure all sections of the application are completed and any documents are attached with the application. A copy of your Public Liability insurance, with minimum cover of $10,000,000 must be included with the application.

Please email applications to or hand in your application at one of our customer service centres.

Will it cost me anything?

Yes, please visit our Fees and Charges page for further information. This fee must be paid once the permit has been approved and prior to permit being issued.

Please note Council's Local Law No.1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2022 (PDF 2.4MB) prohibits camping on Council land, in a public place or on private land (without an existing dwelling e.g. a vacant block, or for periods longer than 28 days on land with an existing dwelling) without a permit. If you camp without a permit, infringement notices may be issued or the matter may be referred to the Magistrates Court.