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Drysdale Street, Wonthaggi Kindergarten

27 Drysdale Street, Wonthaggi 3995

p: (03) 4311 1510



Kindergarten Type: Sessional)

Our beautiful, bright kindergarten, co-located with Wonthaggi Primary School, offers an inviting environment for young learners within our community. Our kinder has an outdoor haven and welcoming play spaces that cater to the needs of active children whilst also providing special places for solace and serenity.

Our educators are truly passionate about the vital role they play in the lives of every child. They strive to create a warm and welcoming environment, collaborating with families in sharing the vision of having happy, healthy children with an enthusiastic disposition for learning... and a sense of enjoyment and wonder in being involved in LIFE!

Our team of carers look forward to building relationships with each and every family, believing that the experience of kindergarten will lay positive foundations for the years of education ahead.

Throughout kindergarten, every child will explore, experiment, discover and gain essential skills that will pave the way for the wonderful journey of life! Through their connection with our community, the children celebrate diversity, grow in their respect for themselves and others, gain confidence and skill, experience a sense of belonging within a group and begin to understand the value of relationships and the need to live harmoniously with one another.

Through our integrated approach to learning, the children piece together the great puzzle of life and share in the once-in-a-life-time joys of kindergarten.

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