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Proposed Programs and Session Times for 2023

Proposed 2023 Kindergarten Programs and Session Times

All programs and sessions listed below are proposed and subject to change. Every effort is made by Kindergarten Services to offer the programs listed below but changes may be required due to increased demand for kindergarten places or to ensure adequate staffing to meet ratios.

If your preferred program or session has been changed you will be notified and given the option to re-select your preferences prior to offers being made.

Kindergarten Open Days and Tours

Kindergarten Open Days for 2023 Registrations

Kindergarten open days and tours are starting this weekend (Saturday, 30 April 2022). See our Kindergarten Open Days flyer below for more dates and times.

Visiting kindergartens is a great way to get a ‘feel’ for each kindergarten, to ask questions and to share information about your child. This will help you decide on you kindergarten preferences. Some questions you may like to ask the kindergarten include:

  • How will the educators work with you to support your child’s learning?
  • What opportunities will there be to discuss your child’s progress?
  • How does the program encourage positive behaviour?