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COVID-19 Support

San Remo Preschool

23 Back Beach Road, San Remo, 3925

p: 5678 5347


Kindergarten Type: Sessional

2022 Session Times *

Four Year Old Sessions
Wallabies Group8.30am to 4.00pm Monday and Wednesday
Seals Group8:45am-1:45pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Pelican Group8:45am-1:45pm Monday, Thursday and Friday
Three Year Old Sessions
Dolphin Group8:30am-1:30pm Tuesday
Penguin Group8:30am-1:30pm Wednesday

* These session times are subject to change prior kindergarten offers being made.

San Remo Preschool is a community run standalone Preschool (no day care). Run by a committee of management as nominated each year at the November AGM. As a community run kindergarten we make decisions that reflect our community.

We Preschool are responsible to our community and have built wonderful connections, relationships and networks for families.

We Preschool are not-for-profit and any profit is reinvested to benefit the children.

We preschool gives families the opportunity to get involved and meet people in the community.

We enjoy several social gatherings throughout the year commencing with our annual “meet and greet" to ensure families feel welcome and belong.

When your child attends San Remo Preschool you have the opportunity to give back to the community by joining our parent run Committee of Management.

For more information about kindergarten and how to register click here