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Funded 3 year old kindergarten for Bass Coast Shire in 2022

3yo kinder pic

The Victorian Government has committed almost $5 billion over the next decade to provide three-year-old children access to a funded kindergarten program. This means that an extra year of play-based learning led by a teacher will be added to Victorian children’s education.

In 2022, three-year-old children in Bass Coast Shire will have access to five hours a week in a funded kindergarten program led by a teacher. Funded kindergarten means the government will help the kindergarten service with the cost of your child attending. This helps keep your fees low. The five hours of kindergarten will progressively scale up to reach the full 15-hour-a-week program by 2029.

Further information about 3 year old kindergarten is available in the Three Year Old Kindergarten Fact Sheet.

Two years of kindergarten are better than one

International research overwhelmingly finds that attendance for more than one year at a high-quality kindergarten has greater potential to lift a child's outcomes across all learning domains, while improving social behaviours and self-regulation.

"According to a British study, students who attended two to three years of kindergarten had better development in language, pre-reading, early number concepts and other learning domains."

Two years of kindergarten has an even stronger positive effect on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Further information on the benefits of two years of kindergarten is available in the Two Years of Quality Kindergarten Fact Sheet.