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Children and Youth Art Competition Winners Announced

Winners announced for children and youth art competition. Fast Forward to 2030, what is your dream for Bass Coast?

Congratulations to the winners of the Children and Youth Art Competition as part of children’s week and youth month 2020.

The winners as nominated by our selected judges including Alison Lester (Children's Author and Illustrator) and Cr Michael Whelan (Deputy Mayor) received a $100 GIFT CARD for the local store of their choice. The winning entries are displayed below.

Thank you for taking the time to create and submit your artwork. We received so many creative entries and we have a lot of talented young artist in Bass Coast Shire.

Under 10 years Category

Stormy Winter Night by Celeste Petracca

It's 2030, the sky is a stormy purple grey. It has just rained and the beach is quiet. The summer visitors have left. the beach is clean and the sky is clear as finally we are looking after our environment better

Stormy winter night

14 Epic Story Treehouse by Harrison Walsh

In 10 years time I was hoping there would be treehouses instead of houses so the wildlife can have more places to go and the environment can grow better.

This is a picture of what my house would look like.


When Dinosaurs Return by Lucca Smith

Lucca loves dinosaurs and hopes they return to Bass Coast in the future so he can see real life one's.


10-18 Years Category Winners

Buttercup Farm by Ashlee Cornelis

Buttercup farm produces it own vegetables.


Drifted by Mia Thompson

This painting is inspired by a vision of a pristine coastline in Bass Coast. Hopefully by the year 2030 the beaches are just as pretty!

Ocean pollution will be a real challenge by 2030.


The Features of Bass Coast by Phoenix Steadman