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Client's Rights and Responsibilities

Client Rights

As a client of our service, you have the right to:

  • be respected for your individual human worth and dignity
  • be treated with courtesy
  • be assessed for access to services without discrimination
  • be informed about what services are available and choose from available alternatives
  • be involved in making decisions about your care
  • pursue any complaint about your service provision knowing this will not be held against you in the future
  • involve an advocate of your choice. You can choose someone who will assist you to make decisions about your care, or act on your behalf. This could be a family member/friend, or we can assist you in getting an advocate
  • privacy, confidentiality and access to personal information we keep about you, through Council’s Freedom of Information Process
  • receive good quality services
  • refuse services and know that you can request an assessment to access HACC services at a later stage
  • access the Victorian Interpreting and Translating Services
  • know the Victorian Government has a charter supporting people in care relationships.

Client Responsibilities

As a client of our service, you have the responsibility to:

  • respect the human worth and dignity of staff, volunteers and other clients of our service
  • treat staff, volunteers and other clients with respect and courtesy
  • understand that you are responsible for the outcome of any decision you make
  • play your part in helping us to provide you with services
  • provide a safe work environment for staff, by providing safe equipment and approved cleaning materials
  • sign the timesheet to confirm that the service was provided
  • not ring your Community Care Worker at home or give them your phone number
  • provide Council with a minimum of 24 hour notice to cancel a service, otherwise you will be charged
  • pay accounts in a timely manner
  • only expect tasks detailed on your care plan to be completed by our Community Care Worker
  • contact your service coordinator if:
    • you need to reschedule your services
    • are unwell and need to cancel or reschedule
    • you no longer require the service