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Changes to your service

What are the changes?

Council decided at its Ordinary Meeting on 21 November 2018, that it will stop providing Aged and Disability service delivery from 1 January 2020.

At the 15 May 2019 meeting, Council resolved to cease provision of the Regional Assessment Service contract on 30 September 2019.

These decisions are a direct result of changes that the Commonwealth Government has proposed. These changes will impact all services provided by Council's Aged and Disability Department.

From 1 October 2019 the Regional Assessment Service transitioned to mecwacare. Click here for more information on Assessment services.

Council will stop providing all Aged and Disability services and Assessment services for people under the age of 65, on 31 December 2019. From January 2020, these services will be delivered by mecwacare. This decision was made by both the Commonwealth and State governments and is one that Council is supportive of.

Who is mecwacare

mecwacare is a not-for-profit organisation that has been providing a range of care services to the Victorian community since 1959 and are already providing the same aged and disability services for South Gippsland Shire. They have a number of offices throughout Victoria with a local office in Inverloch.

Why is the change happening?

The Commonwealth Government is making changes to the aged care system to:

  • be sustainable and affordable, long into the future
  • offer greater choice and flexibility for you
  • support people to stay at home, and part of their communities, for as long as possible
  • encourage aged care businesses to invest and grow
  • provide diverse and rewarding career options.

The key benefit from this change in the aged care system is that there will be more providers for people to choose from in the future, not just Council, as it is at the moment.

Council has provided this highly-valued service to older people and people with disabilities since the 1980s. Unfortunately, the changes to the aged care system in the future will make it unviable for Council to continue delivering these services as it would be unable to compete with private providers.

What does this mean for clients who receive services?

From January 2020 the new provider, mecwacare, will deliver aged and disability services for the Bass Coast Shire community. This means that you will have a new phone number to contact for changes to service, your usual care worker will change, but the service that you receive will remain the same.

For people 65 and over, access to Assessment services remains the same, that is, through ‘My Aged Care’. People under 65 will still be able to access Assessment services via Council until 31 December 2019. From 1 January 2020 requests for assessment services will then need to be made to the new provider, mecwacare, by contacting their Intake team on (03) 8573 4980.

What happens now?

  • Council ceased delivering Regional Assessment Services for people over the age of 65 on 30 September 2019. Requests for these services can still be made through the usual process as detailed on the ‘My Aged Care’ website.
  • Council will continue to provide Aged and Disability services and Assessment services for people under the age of 65, until 31 December 2019.
  • Council are working with mecwacare to ensure they have the right information to continue servicing clients from January 2020.
  • Community information sessions are being held across the Shire in November to provide clients and the community an opportunity to meet with and ask questions of the new provider, mecwacare.

What does this mean for staff?

Council is fully supportive of our dedicated Community Care Workers and Aged and Disability staff who currently provide the service. We are hopeful that our staff will continue to work locally in the industry and will apply to work with the new service provider. We will be supporting our staff throughout this process.

For more information on the changes to the service please contact Council on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211.

Further information about the future changes:

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