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Post Subdivision Approvals

Development & Community Infrastructure Levy

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 currently distinguishes between two types of infrastructure which can be levied and collected through a Development Contributions Plan: Development and Community Infrastructure. Both are ‘one off’ levies that are subject to indexation.

Development Infrastructure Levy (DIL) is used for projects including (but not limited to) roads, drainage, open space, land acquisition. These are generally collected from the developer at the subdivision stage.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is collected to contribute to the funding for infrastructure items such as regional community facilities and sporting pavilions. The only area within Bass Coast that is subject to CIL payments are located in Wonthaggi North East. The contributions are being collected for the acquisition of land and construction costs associated with community and recreation projects.

Further information on the Community Infrastructure Levy, whether it is applicable and how to pay.

Bonds & Guarantees

Council can hold a variety of performance bonds. This is to ensure development and building works are completed. Sometimes an applicant will lodge a cash bond or bank guarantee to ensure compliance with certain conditions on an approval. When the conditions have been met to Council’s satisfaction, the cash bond or guarantee can be released.

You can apply for a bond by completing the Bond or Bank Guarantee Request Form or a refund by completing the Return of Bond or Bank Guarantee Request Form and return the completed forms to

Payment of the above Post Subdivision Approvals fees can be made by using the Credit Card Deduction Authority Form.

Practical Completion

The Request for Practical Completion Inspection Form is to be lodged 10 business days prior to when you would like the inspection to occur. This enables Council to check that the requirements of the permit have been met and any items that are requested for bonds are detailed.

Completed forms are to emailed to and the

Request for Practical Completion Inspection Form.

Public Open Space Contributions

A person who proposes to subdivide land must make a contribution to the council for the provision, improvement and acquisition of public open space. The Bass Coast Planning Scheme specifies that all subdivisions of three or more lots within residential, industrial, mixed use and commercial zones must make a contribution in cash equivalent to 5% of the value of all land in the subdivision. The value will be determined by a valuations professional and paid prior to the issue of a Statement of Compliance.

Other subdivisions may also be required to contribute to public open space, such requirement to be demonstrated and determined by a decision made by Councils Statutory Planning team. For further information regarding public open space contributions and whether a contribution would apply to your subdivision, contact