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Amendment C152 - Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan & Contributions Plan

Wonthaggi North-East will provide the structure for sustainable, housing growth, guiding investment in the construction of homes for 12,000 new residents, community amenities and an expanded business and industry precinct.

It will:

  • Provide affordable housing options for Victorians. The median house price in Bass Coast has increased 52% in the last two years. Rents have also increased to $420 a week, with supply a huge problem
  • Facilitate the development of 500 hectares of residential land allowing 4,400 residential lots
  • Facilitate over 60 hectares of commercial land creating 2,940 jobs over the life of the plan
  • Double the size of Wonthaggi

The Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan will guide the development of a new growth area in Wonthaggi and plan for the construction of approximately 5,000 new homes over the next 30 to 50 years. It will also identify what infrastructure is needed to support the growing community, such as roads and community facilities, and land for employment and retail.

The Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan was identified as a project on the Victorian Planning Authority's (VPA) Fast Track Program.

The VPA has now released its Projects Standing Advisory Committee Final Report for the Wonthaggi North East Precinct Structure Plan. This report represents a significant milestone for the project.

The report has confirmed that the precinct is ready for development, reinforcing Wonthaggi’s role as a regional centre.

The VPA will now finalise the documentation and changes required to the Bass Coast Planning Scheme before it goes to the Planning Minister for final sign-off.

You can find the final report on the Victorian Planning Authority's website.

You can also read more about the Precinct Structure Plan and the VPA process here. This site also provides detailed supporting documentation including consultation and submissions.