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Shoalhaven Estate Wetland Project

Shoalhaven Estate

Shoalhaven Estate is a large residential subdivision for approximately 335 lots in Cowes, on Phillip Island. The development also includes large wetlands and public reserves. Work on the development is ongoing, visit the Shoalhaven Estate webpage, or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some responses to address some of the questions that we have received about the wetlands project, which is being completed as part of the Estate.

Who is responsible for the wetland project?

The Estate’s developer has a contractual relationship with Melbourne Water to construct the wetland as part of the estate. Once completed the wetland will become a Melbourne Water asset. It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that it is meeting the obligations of the planning permit and the Melbourne Water conditions. Melbourne Water Officers carry out regular inspections of the site, with the last being in December 2021.

It has been going on for many years, why hasn’t it been finished yet?

Development of the land is dependent on many external factors and variables, some of which are beyond our control in relation to the supply and demand of lots and when the developer choses to bring the land to the market.

Are nesting birds holding up the construction?

The contractor voluntarily stopped work in September due to birds nesting in the wetland area after being notified by us, as well as Melbourne Water.

Can the developer be compelled to complete the wetland works?

We will do everything we can to assist the contractor in returning to the site to restart work to finish this wetlands project.

In the short term, the developer will meet with Department of Environment Land, Water and Planning officers, to determine when they can re-start work on the wetland once the nesting birds move on.

Who will be responsible for the wetland once it is complete?

Once complete, the wetland will become a Melbourne Water asset and they will be responsible for its management.

Who is responsible for maintaining the site?

The developer is responsible for ensuring that the development site is maintained.

Can Council do anything to compel the developer to clean up the site?

Our Community Safety Officers or Planning Enforcement Officers can investigate any issues.

Why is there a large mound of dirt on the site? Will it be removed?

The large mound of soil came from the digging of the dams for the wetland. Some of this soil will be reused across the site and the remainder will be taken away. It is understood that birds are nesting on the mounds of soil which means it cannot be moved until the nesting birds have moved from the land.

What can be done about the large open drains at the Ventnor Road end of the estate?

The large open drains on Ventnor Road end of the estate will be replaced with piped drainage.