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Amendment C161

Amendment description:

Amendment C161basc rezones a single parcel of land in Ryanston from the Public Use Zone Schedule 1 (PUZ1- Service and Utility) to Farming Zone (FZ) to reflect its private ownership.

Land affected:

2295 Loch Wonthaggi Road, Ryanston (Lot 3 PS305196F).

Current status:

  • Gazetted

Quick dates:

  • Council meeting to request authorisation - Wednesday 15th September 2021
  • Ministerial authorisation - Monday 4th October 2021
  • Exhibition started - Thursday 21st October 2021
  • Exhibition closed - Thursday 4th November 2021
  • Council meeting to adopt the Amendment – Wednesday 15th December 2021
  • Amendment Approved by Minister – Tuesday 22nd March 2022
  • Amendment gazetted and in operation – Thursday 31st March 2022


Exhibition of C161 occurred between October 21, 2021 and November 4, 2021. During the exhibition period we received four submissions. These submissions can be viewed below.