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Native Vegetation Offset Scheme (NVOS)

Council has established a native vegetation offset scheme to improve the native vegetation quantity and quality in the Shire. The offset scheme will provide a service for residents who hold planning permits for the removal of native vegetation to locally offset their impacts, as required by the Planning Scheme.

The purpose of the native vegetation offset scheme is to:

  1. provide an efficient native vegetation offsetting service for Bass Coast Shire residents, developers and Council
  2. provide an offsetting instrument that allows for native vegetation offsets to be retained within the municipality
  3. provide native vegetation offsets that are collective (grouped) and result in improved, long-term ecological outcomes
  4. provide a revenue source for future remnant protection and revegetation works

Native vegetation includes trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses and their removal may require a planning permit. Approved removal of native vegetation usually requires the provision of vegetation offsets on another site to compensate for the vegetation that is to be removed. The planning permit process will determine if a vegetation offset is required, and if so, the type and amount.

Council has set aside land for this purpose, and under the Native Vegetation Credit Register is required to manage the offset vegetation in perpetuity.

Council’s native vegetation offset scheme offers native vegetation credits for sale at a fixed price. This scheme is accredited under Department of Environment Land Water and Planning’s Native Vegetation Credit Register.

Step 1 - Contact Us

If you need to purchase offsets and would like to do so through Bass Coast Shire Councils Native Vegetation Offset Scheme, then call Diana Whittington, Environment Officer at Bass Coast Shire Council on 1 300 BCOAST (226 267).

Step 2 - Biodiversity Assessment Report Submitted

Information from this biodiversity assessment report will be used to verify if Council’s native vegetation offset scheme contains the correct type and quantity of native vegetation credits you need. It is the responsibility of the permit holder or applicant to source vegetation offsets elsewhere if Council’s Offset Scheme is unable to meet your offset requirements.

Step 3 - Review and Sign Quote

A quote will be prepared if Council’s native vegetation offset scheme contains the native vegetation credits. If these are the credits you need, review and sign the Quote Form. This form can be signed to confirm the purchase. It remains the responsibility of the permit holder to confirm with Council planning officers that the offset purchase meets the requirement of their planning permit.

Step 4 - Payment

The permit holder will be issued with an Invoice for the purchase of credits from Council’s native vegetation offset scheme, as agreed to in step 2. A Council receipt will be provided to the permit holder for the purchase once payment is made.

Step 5 – An Offset Credit Transfer

Following payment, a Native Vegetation Credit Extract will be prepared by the Native Vegetation Credit Register at Department of Environment Land Water and Planning and forwarded to the permit holder (via Council) as official evidence of the purchase.