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Planning Permit Forms & fees

This directory displays all the electronic forms and fees needed for a standard Planning Permit Application, a Planning Information Request or a s72 Amendment.

Forms can be downloaded, saved to your computer and then opened in your preferred PDF reader.

Please note - The Statutory Planning Department has recently moved to a new software program.

Invoices are now able to be sent for all planning applications allowing BPay payments to be online on your device or computer or by calling our Customer Service team to make a payment over the phone. Please wait for an invoice to be issued.

As a result Credit Card Deduction Authorisation Forms are no longer available for download to pay for planning applications

Essential Planning Permit Application Documents

Planning Fees

Statutory Planning Fees

Statutory fees for Planning Permits, Amendments and Subdivision are set by the State Government for all Victorian Councils.

Please refer to the below attachments to see the latest fees.

Non-Statutory Planning Fees

Non-Statutory fees include applications for:

  • Secondary Consent
  • Planning Information Requests
  • Extension of Time to a Permit
  • Requests for copies of permits and plans
  • Advertising applications to neighbours
Can I change my planning permit?

Yes you can, but it depends if your permit has been issued.

If a Planning Permit has been issued:

You can lodge a Section 72 Application to Amend a Planning Permit for significant design changes or modifications to permit conditions or what the permit allows.

You can lodge a Secondary Consent application for minor alterations to endorsed plans that form part of a Planning Permit, provided the application meets certain criteria. This can be found on the application form Secondary Consent form. If you do not meet the criteria for Secondary Consent, you will be required to lodge a Section 72 Amendment (Statutory fees apply).

If your Application is still being processed:

Lodge a Section 50/50A/57A Application to Amend an Undecided Planning Permit. If your application has already been advertised to your neighbours additional fees (40% of the original application cost) may be payable.

Planning Document File Search

Use this form if you need a copy of:

  • Old planning permits
  • An officer's report
  • Endorsed/approved plans

Older permits are physically stored and can take 3-5 Business days to retrieve, this will also incur a $68 fee handling fee.

It may take up 2 weeks to fulfill your request.

Existing Use Rights/Certification of Compliance (Section 97N Applications)

Clause 63 of the Bass Coast Planning Scheme allows for the establishment of existing use rights.

Existing use rights apply to the land, not the owner, and it is up to the owner of the property to prove that they apply.

If you are seeking to establish an existing use right, demonstrate continuous use for 15 years or more by providing the below:

  • Completed application form and payment of the prescribed fee - Regulation 15
  • Certificate of title (including plan of subdivision and copies of any agreements or restrictions registered on title)
  • A detailed description of the scale/nature of the use, including processes carried out, any plant/machinery installed and hours during which the use has been carried out
  • A scaled plan detailing the location of the use and any processes carried out, consistent with the written description detailed above
  • Building and/or planning permits for any buildings, structures etc, along with any certificate of occupancy/final inspection
  • Internal Council Records, such as may be held by Rates, Health or Waste Services
  • Copies of leases or licences (tenancy lease, mining lease, agricultural lease etc)
  • Utility and/or insurance records
  • Receipts evidencing purchases made from suppliers over the preceding 15 years, to demonstrate operation of the business
  • Invoices for a range of dates throughout the 15 year period evidencing that the use/business has been in operation
  • Photographs (including aerial photography) of the subject site and surrounds
  • Records from old editions of the white or yellow pages
  • Real estate advertisements
  • Statutory declarations (seek advice from a solicitor as to how this should be set out) made by persons who have direct knowledge of the use and who can verify the precise nature of the use undertaken on the land (statements must be specific about the use)

You must demonstrate that the use has not ceased for a period of more than two years or has not stopped for two or more periods which together total two years in any period of three years.

Can't find what you're looking for and would like advice?

For more information or to discuss your planning application, contact our Statutory Planning team by:

  • Requesting a call back to speak to a planner
  • Calling our Statutory Planning Department on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211
  • Visiting the Wonthaggi Customer Service Centre (76 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi) between 10am and 3pm every Wednesday to speak to a planner (please note that a planner may not be available between 12pm-12:45pm).
  • Requesting a Pre-Application discussion (may include a telephone conversation, a face-to-face/virtual meeting or e-mail correspondence) before your formal planning permit application is lodged with Council. To ensure the meeting is beneficial, please ensure conceptual plans and photographs are provided along with a detailed outline of your proposal.