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Boundary Fences

Obtaining Neighbours' Details

We can provide the name and address of adjoining property owners for the purpose of contacting them to construct or repair a fence. To comply with Privacy laws, you will need to complete a Fencing Information Form and return it to us. The form is also available from our Customer Service Centres. You will need to provide proof of identification when you lodge the form.

Notice To Fence

You need to contact your neighbours to let them know you intend to repair or replace an adjoining fence. A Fencing Notice is a legal document that can be issued by you or a fencing company to your neighbour asking them to share the cost of fencing.

This form is also available from our Customer Service Centres.

Fences Act

The Fences Act 1968 applies to any fence constructed between adjoining properties. It deals with distribution of costs, maintenance, the procedure for notifying neighbours and dealing with disagreements. We are not responsible for administering the Fences Act 1968 and recommend you seek legal advice regarding these matters.

Fencing Disputes

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria can give legal advice on the Fences Act and also help mediate between parties when matters cannot be resolved. Their website also features how-to videos with tips on simple and effective ways to resolve neighbourhood disputes without having to resort to legal action.

To contact the Dispute Settlement Centre, phone 1300 372 888 or (03) 5116 5761.