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Asset Protection Permits

Asset Protection Permits reduce the amount of damage being caused to valuable infrastructure assets during building works. These assets include footpaths, nature strips, kerbs and channels, stormwater pits and street trees. If damage occurs to Council assets the cost of repairs will be paid for by the offending property owner or principal contractor, not the ratepayers. The Asset Protection Permit is also a mechanism to ensure that the property owner or principal contractor is not held liable for pre-existing damage to assets fronting and adjoining the site prior to the commencement of building works.

How do I apply?

You can apply for an APP online.

How much does it cost?

The current application fee is $296.00 (as of 1 July 2022).

A Security Bond of between $1000 and $5000 may be required, subject to the location and scope of the building works. This will be determined during the online application process.

How long does an application take to approve?

The application will be assessed by Council's Asset Protection Officer with a decision determined within 5 working days. The Applicant will be emailed a permit once the Asset Protection Permit has been approved.

What happens after the building works are completed?

To advise the works have been completed, please:

Council's Asset Protection Officer will conduct an inspection to determine if any damage has occurred to Council assets during the building works.

Where assets have been protected or restored to Council’s satisfaction the application will be closed.

What happens if damage is caused during the building works?

All damage occurring during the building works is to be reinstated to Council’s satisfaction at the permit holder’s expense within 14 days.

Should the permit holder fail to complete the reinstatement work within the time specified, Council may undertake the necessary works and invoice the permit holder to recover the costs.

What are the consequences if an Asset Protection Permit is not applied for?

The property owner or his agent may be liable for:

What are the Asset Protection Permit conditions?

Work is permitted, subject to the conditions hereunder, to transport building materials, machinery and equipment across the road reserve to gain access to the subject property as stated on the approved Asset Protection Permit.

  1. Commencement of Works
    No works shall commence until an Asset Protection Permit has been approved and allocated an approved permit number.
  2. Restoration of and Damage to Council's Asset
    Failure to restore the road reserve and make good any damage caused to Council’s assets within fourteen days of notification by Council to do so, may result in Council undertaking the necessary reinstatement works and deducting the cost from the bond, where applicable. Where a portion remains unused, it will be refunded. Where the costs exceed the bond, the permit holder will be liable for the excess and invoiced accordingly.
  3. Entry Point for Transport of Materials
    The entry point for the transport of materials must be confined to any existing vehicle crossing point of this site. Where a property is not provided with a permanent vehicle crossing, a temporary crossing will be required to be installed.
  4. Tree Protection Fence
    Ensure that a tree protection fence is in place for Council’s nature strip (street) tree if requested, in accordance with Australian Standard No. 4970- 2009, Protection of Trees on Development Sites.
  5. Refund of Bond
    Where the Council’s assets have been protected or restored to Council’s standard, the bond, if applicable, will be refunded in full.
  6. Necessary Precautions
    The permit holder is to take all necessary precautions to ensure that Council’s assets are not damaged.
  7. Placement of Building Material
    No building material shall be placed on the nature strip, footpath, road or Council Reserve.
  8. Naturestrip, Footpath or Reserve
    No buildings such as site sheds, toilets etc., or activities associated with any building works shall be placed/carried out on the nature strip, footpath or reserve without prior written approval from Council.
  9. Public Areas
    All public areas disturbed by any building activity is to be maintained in a safe trafficable manner.
  10. Site Management
    The site is to be managed to minimise the risks of stormwater pollution or the deposit of sediment on roadways.
  11. Additional Clause may be Appended
    Any additional clause which an Authorised or Delegated Officer reasonably believes is relevant and based upon the individual circumstances of an application may be appended to this list of conditions.
  12. Permit Validity
    The permit is valid for the duration of the building works.

The penalty for non-compliance with the above conditions is twenty penalty units ($2000) per offence, plus any costs associated with the removal of unpermitted or substandard infrastructure and any reinstatement costs.


  1. The applicant must advise the Asset Protection Team of any known pre-existing damage to Council’s assets on application.
  2. The level of risk of potential damage and the extent of any pre-existing damage to Council’s assets will be assessed. Any defects will be noted with the permit issued.
  3. A notice may be issued to the applicant requiring the payment of a bond of between $1000 and $5000.
  4. The applicant must advise the Asset Protection Team of any subsequent damage to Council’s assets through the course of the works within seven days of such damage occurring.
  5. The Asset Protection Team must be advised within seven days of the completion of works to enable inspection of asset condition.

For further information, please contact the Asset Protection Team by: