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Purchase Orders and Payments

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

The following purchase order terms and conditions apply to all purchases of goods and services where we have issued an official purchase order.

If you are involved in a formal quotation and or contract with us, the terms and conditions as set out in that formal quotation / contract shall supersede these general purchase order terms and conditions.

We are re-imagining the way we do business

We are updating the way we pay our suppliers to provide a best practice experience.

The planned improvements are well underway with completion expected in November 2022. This will benefit our suppliers by minimising delays for payment, enable centralised management of supplier invoices, and increase capabilities for resolution of enquiries.

This will help us achieve our goals in improved customer experience, compliance, reduce the risk of fraud, and provide greater visibility over the accounts payable process utilising modern technology.


Do suppliers need to change their invoices?

Yes, suppliers must quote a valid purchase order number including the letters PU e.g., PU098765. Invoices must also be in one of these file formats: pdf, docx, tiff, xlsx or zip.

How do suppliers submit their invoice for payment?

Suppliers should email invoices direct to

How often are supplier payments processed?

We are committed to maintaining weekly supplier payments, some delays may be experienced while we are streamlining processes during this time

When will I receive payment?

We will be maintaining weekly payments, refer to How do I make sure invoice payment is not delayed?'

Once goods/services have been confirmed by council officer, invoices with a valid purchase order number, and valid file format will be paid that week. Funds transfer occurs Thursday, cleared funds will depend on your banking service provider.

What do suppliers need to do if an invoice is returned and has not been paid?

Suppliers will receive communication outlining the invoice amendment required, invoices should then be amended and re-submitted via email direct to

I usually send my invoice direct to a council officer, will this be paid?

No, suppliers should email invoices direct to

How do suppliers provide the correct purchase order number?

The purchase order number must be provided by council officer prior to providing the goods or service. Suppliers should seek confirmation from the council officer who engaged their goods or services for the valid purchase order number.

Supplier business details, e.g. address, ABN, bank account details have changed, who do I notify?

Please advise these changes direct to the procurement and fleet team via email An officer will then be in contact to confirm the changes.

My business’s invoices are handwritten, will these need to be digitised?

Providing the text is clear, and the file format is one of pdf, docx, tiff, xlsx, zip. Handwritten invoices will be accepted, however handwritten invoices may cause delays in payment.

Do I need to provide monthly statements to Council? How do I do this?

Providing monthly statements to council will assist in identifying any invoices that may be awaiting approval for payment and is highly recommended. Statements are to be submitted via email direct to

How do I make sure payment for my invoice is not delayed?

Providing the following information will assist in processing invoice payment

  • purchase order number is quoted (starting with PU)
  • tax invoice is addressed to Bass Coast Shire Council
  • tax invoice is compliant as per Australian Taxation Office guidelines
  • tax invoice is submitted to (not a council officer)
  • tax invoice file type is one of pdf, docx, tiff, zip, xlsx
  • multiple invoices are submitted in individual files
What is a valid tax invoice?

Guidelines for a valid tax invoice are available on the Australian Taxation Office website, or you may wish to contact your accountant for further information.