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Tenders & Procurement


You can download our publicly-advertised tenders through our e-tendering portal, eTenderBox.

Registration with eTenderBox is free and if you (or your company) already has an Open Windows eTenderBox account, you don't need to re-register. For more information see the instructions below:

Tender Process

The Tender Process explains the steps from tender open period through to contract award.

Tender Method of Evaluation

The Tender Method of Evaluation shows how we compare alternatives so that the best value for money offer is chosen.

Tender & Contract Confidentiality

The Tender and Confidentiality document sets out the general policy that we use for tenders and contracts.

Contracts Awarded

Contracts that have been awarded by Council are listed below.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

The following purchase order terms and conditions apply to all purchases of goods and services where we have issued an official purchase order.

If you are involved in a formal quotation and or contract with us, the terms and conditions as set out in that formal quotation / contract shall supersede these general purchase order terms and conditions.

Procurement Policy

Our Procurement Policy ensures we get best value for money, provide accountability and improve business relationships.

We spend tens of millions of dollars on goods and services each year to deliver services and projects. The Procurement Policy sets out the principles for our procurement and the approving levels for procurement processes. It promotes open and fair competition, value for money, collaborative procurement and guidance on ethical behaviour and an effective control environment for procurement activities.