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Road management plan adopted

Road management plan adopted

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Bass Coast Shire Council’s roads are in better condition now than they were in 2014.

A full condition survey of Council’s road network completed in 2018 revealed the overall condition of the network had improved since the previous survey in 2014.

The survey was completed as part of the development of Bass Coast Council’s new Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) which was adopted at last week’s Council Meeting.

A key focus in the development of this Plan was to provide improved accessibility, safer roads for both vehicles and pedestrians and improved amenity and liveability.

The objective of the Plan is to ensure that Council’s road network can service users today and into the future. Council provides and maintains an extensive road and pathway network throughout the Shire. The plan details the management of Council’s road infrastructure including road pavement, kerb, footpaths, bridges, major culverts and street furniture.

The Plan identified that the replacement cost of the Council’s road infrastructure assets is $420 million and the cost of annual management is around $3.3 million. This is in line with Council’s current funding level and is projected to maintain the network to current levels of service.

In adopting the Plan, Councillors noted that there was a level of misperception within the community, when determining which roads are managed by Council, Regional Roads Victoria and VicRoads.

The community can learn more about which roads are managed by which organisation at

Roads in Bass Coast Shire
This map details the roads in Bass Coast Shire Council which are managed by Regional Roads Victoria (VicRoads) and Bass Coast Shire Council.