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Planning for the future of Wonthaggi

Planning for the future of Wonthaggi

Friday 23 April 2021

Bass Coast Shire Council adopted the Wonthaggi Activity Centre Plan (WACP) and the Wonthaggi Access and Movement Study (WAMS) at its meeting on Wednesday, 21 April.

The WACP establishes a vision for Wonthaggi and identifies ways for this vision to be achieved. Developed with extensive community consultation, it seeks to define key characteristics of the town in relation to land use and activity, access and movement, built form and public realm. It also provides design guidance for four key sites: Apex Park, McBride Avenue, Graham Street and the former Wonthaggi Secondary College site.

The WAMS provides an evidence-based context that supports and enhances the WACP and provides a long term vision for Wonthaggi’s transportation networks across freight, private vehicles, cycling, pedestrians and public transport.

Mayor Cr Brett Tessari emphasised the importance of these documents in planning for the future of Wonthaggi.

“The Plan and the Access and Movement Study have been prepared to establish a vision for Wonthaggi for the next 20 years and to reinforce Wonthaggi’s status as a Regional Centre,” Cr Tessari said.

“Wonthaggi and the broader Bass Coast region is growing rapidly and these documents set out a direction for how Wonthaggi can capitalise on this growth, and how that will look and feel into the future.”

Some of the key projects include:

• Priority Intersection Upgrades including the Biggs Drive and Murray Street Intersection

• Wonthaggi Pedestrian Crossings Project

• Apex Park Landscape Masterplan

• Former Wonthaggi Secondary College Master Plan

• Wonthaggi CBD Streetscape Upgrades and Public Realm Master Plan

• Various studies in the transport network, including future alternative freight route investigations, bus reviews and parking studies

Cr Tessari said that importantly, conversations will continue with local traders and Wonthaggi Business and Tourism Association about parking and access in the Wonthaggi CBD.

“This is not where the conversation with local business stops, we will continue to engage with local businesses and traders to understand their needs when looking at parking and transport in the Wonthaggi CBD,” Cr Tessari concluded.